Office foreplay confess

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Office foreplay confess

March 26, 2024

Office foreplay with a hot girlI have wanted her for months, every day I see her sit at her desk and roll the end of her pen into her mouth. Every week, at some point during each day, I imagine having my way with her. On her desk, in my car, in the toilets, everywhere! My imagination runs freely and I quite like the escapism when she is sat close by. I often smile without noticing her amusement – if only she knew!

This particular day I am sat dreaming of her sitting on my desk with her legs apart. She has her brown boots on and a black skirt which I find adorable! With that in mind, the perfect image starts to play out in my head…

She sits with her hot ass on the edge of my desk and places one boot on the arm of the chair I am sitting on, allowing her skirt to rise and her panties to show. Nobody else is in the office; she wants me to see, she intends to make me lust after her!.

I could smell her sweet scent in this position.

Of course, I can tell she is wet, I can smell her, and believe me it’s one hell of a sweet scent! I sit on my chair performing the same trick as she had done; opening my legs, then I move down, lower on the chair so I could see more of her knickers.

She looks around us “we’re alone” she informs me in a suggestive voice.

I smirk and look back and forth at her and the entrance. She understands me perfectly and places her other boot up on the desk so that I am trapped between her legs, now I have the perfect view of her black laced underwear between her milky legs.

She hikes her skirt up a little more and perches on the edge of the desk so that I can see her perfectly rounded bum cheeks pressed against it. I am intoxicated with her now and I lick my lips and lean forward and begin to kiss her thigh. She moans against my mouth and when I lick over the black lace her breath catches in her throat.

It isn’t long before I pull her knickers down over her boots and push her legs as far apart as possible. Her bottom lifts off of the desk when I stab my tongue inside her and then lick up and down getting as much of her in my mouth as I can. She tastes sweet and the little noises she’s making drive me crazy. By now I am just as wet as she is and I can feel how sensitive I am against my tight black jeans!

When I take a finger and slide it inside her, her head falls back and she curses in mild whispers. I suck and prod in a continuous motion, up and down, in and out. As her body staggers against me, she pushes my mouth harder against her and I know she is losing control!

I decide to work quicker and I stick a second finger inside her pushing them deeper and deeper. She is holding on for as long as she can and her hands are literally scraping the desk for leverage.

I can not help but torture her more by sucking on the nub and sticking a third finger inside her wet hole and when I do her legs move higher, her boots now in the air.

In a melody of little whimpers her ASS lifts up off of the desk and her body tenses and pulsates around my fingers. It is an erotic feeling to be inside a woman at the moment of orgasm and I thrive on it.

“Tea?” a familiar voice speaks and draws me out of my daydream.

I look up at her, she is patiently waiting for me to answer.

“Yeah, sorry, was daydreaming. Tea would be nice!” I smile and cross my legs under my desk. I have lost count of how many times I have had to do that!!

“Yeah, you do that a lot! Two tea’s coming up!” she smiles and I can’t help but think she knows what I am daydreaming.

That’s when I realise, two tea’s? There are rarely two, more like ten. I look around me and I realise everyone has gone, it’s just her and I and we’re alone!