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Hello Kadogoo hide my ID. I will need advice from you and your followers.

I have a relationship of 9months now, it has been bliss and all that understanding despite the ups and downs.

She has been helpful in many aspects of my life and to be honest, she wasn’t a too demanding gf. It happened that last week I found out that she cheated (had unprotected sex) with a prospective client as she is a banker and there was so much demands on her to bring clients to the bank.

I confronted her and she denied at first until I showed her evidence that I am not bluffing. She has been begging and crying for forgiveness.

Last night she was on her knees almost all through the night begging as I told her to come and pack her things and leave as she betrayed the relationship and the trust.

She is insisting that she won’t do it again, that she can make it up to me which I don’t even know how and that she regrets doing it and all that, but I’m bittered and bothered that I can’t seem to make a decision because of how the relationship has been from beginning and the trust.

Please advise

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