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I met my wife online after she messaged me in response to a post I had made. I was initially skeptical of online dating due to its unpredictable nature, but her introduction as a shop owner piqued my interest. We decided to meet up, and during our first date, I was a bit suspicious of her profession. Nevertheless, she showed up dressed nicely and smelling great.

On our second date, I invited her to my home, which she found clean and well-equipped. When I asked to visit her shop, she seemed hesitant. So instead, we went on another date where she surprised me by inviting me to her three-bedroom house. She also revealed that she was a branch manager at an insurance company, which made me feel intimidated.

We continued to keep in touch and spent the holidays together, where I cooked for her and behaved appropriately. Although she seemed perplexed, I acted as though nothing was amiss. After she left, she texted me, asking about the nature of our relationship. I replied that we were just friends, which she didn’t take well, and stopped responding to my calls and messages.

However, when I remembered her birthday, I decided to order her a beautiful necklace and a card expressing my wish that we would be husband and wife by her next birthday. She was touched by the gesture, and our relationship began to flourish. We got married after 11 months of knowing each other and now have a beautiful daughter together. Despite earning more than me, we’ve never had an argument over money. I recently qualified as an accountant and secured a job with an international NGO.

I hope to buy her a car as a gift soon, as we are expecting our second child. This just goes to show that love can be found anywhere, even online. So, if you stay patient, vigilant, and intelligent, you might find your soulmate, just like I did.

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