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I got into a blood covenant with a lady I used to be in a relationship with. We sealed this covenant with a padlock and threw it into the sea about 12 years ago deep in the night. She was my first girlfriend and we even have a child together.

But along the line when things began going on well for me, I messed everything up. I couldn’t fulfil any of the promises I made to her during our hard times. So I ended up breaking her heart by marrying another woman. My son’s mother while unable to take in the pains I caused her rained a curse into my life.

Now I’ve seen the traits of the curse controlling my life for the past 8 years.

My life has been miserable – from drinking to stupor, bed-wetting and now to being homeless. I’ve lost the other woman too and all my investments.

Upon introspecting, I then got to understand that all these are as a result of the curse.

So I embarked on finding my first love but somebody I know told me that my baby mama got married to another man and they both left the country a long time ago. But all I need now is how to get my life back.

What would you advise I do knowing all the evil things I’ve done? How do I break away from the curse? How do I seek forgiveness from my son’s mother? If anyone knows of any powerful man of God to assist me, I’m willing to cooperate.

Please you guys should help me.

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