Marriage advice

When I see people in their 30s or 40s without being married or having children, I often wonder what is holding them back.

Many times, they say it’s because they don’t have enough money.

However, life is not always perfect and sometimes you just need to be bold and take the next step.

You can start a family with the resources you have while working and praying for the things you need.

Waiting until you have everything you think you need may mean that you grow old without a family.

So, take a step forward, work hard, and pray for the things you need.

Remember, no situation is permanent, and with determination and effort, you can overcome any obstacle.
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Online dating

I met my wife online after she messaged me in response to a post I had made. I was initially skeptical of online dating due to its unpredictable nature, but her introduction as a shop owner piqued my interest. We decided to meet up, and during our first date, I was a bit suspicious of her profession. Nevertheless, she showed up dressed nicely and smelling great.

On our second date, I invited her to my home, which she found clean and well-equipped. When I asked to visit her shop, she seemed hesitant. So instead, we went on another date where she surprised me by inviting me to her three-bedroom house. She also revealed that she was a branch manager at an insurance company, which made me feel intimidated.

We continued to keep in touch and spent the holidays together, where I cooked for her and behaved appropriately. Although she seemed perplexed, I acted as though nothing was amiss. After she left, she texted me, asking about the nature of our relationship. I replied that we were just friends, which she didn’t take well, and stopped responding to my calls and messages.

However, when I remembered her birthday, I decided to order her a beautiful necklace and a card expressing my wish that we would be husband and wife by her next birthday. She was touched by the gesture, and our relationship began to flourish. We got married after 11 months of knowing each other and now have a beautiful daughter together. Despite earning more than me, we’ve never had an argument over money. I recently qualified as an accountant and secured a job with an international NGO.

I hope to buy her a car as a gift soon, as we are expecting our second child. This just goes to show that love can be found anywhere, even online. So, if you stay patient, vigilant, and intelligent, you might find your soulmate, just like I did.

Relationships kisumu

I got into a blood covenant with a lady I used to be in a relationship with. We sealed this covenant with a padlock and threw it into the sea about 12 years ago deep in the night. She was my first girlfriend and we even have a child together.

But along the line when things began going on well for me, I messed everything up. I couldn’t fulfil any of the promises I made to her during our hard times. So I ended up breaking her heart by marrying another woman. My son’s mother while unable to take in the pains I caused her rained a curse into my life.

Now I’ve seen the traits of the curse controlling my life for the past 8 years.

My life has been miserable – from drinking to stupor, bed-wetting and now to being homeless. I’ve lost the other woman too and all my investments.

Upon introspecting, I then got to understand that all these are as a result of the curse.

So I embarked on finding my first love but somebody I know told me that my baby mama got married to another man and they both left the country a long time ago. But all I need now is how to get my life back.

What would you advise I do knowing all the evil things I’ve done? How do I break away from the curse? How do I seek forgiveness from my son’s mother? If anyone knows of any powerful man of God to assist me, I’m willing to cooperate.

Please you guys should help me.

Kisumu men confess

Hello Kadogoo hide my ID. I will need advice from you and your followers.

I have a relationship of 9months now, it has been bliss and all that understanding despite the ups and downs.

She has been helpful in many aspects of my life and to be honest, she wasn’t a too demanding gf. It happened that last week I found out that she cheated (had unprotected sex) with a prospective client as she is a banker and there was so much demands on her to bring clients to the bank.

I confronted her and she denied at first until I showed her evidence that I am not bluffing. She has been begging and crying for forgiveness.

Last night she was on her knees almost all through the night begging as I told her to come and pack her things and leave as she betrayed the relationship and the trust.

She is insisting that she won’t do it again, that she can make it up to me which I don’t even know how and that she regrets doing it and all that, but I’m bittered and bothered that I can’t seem to make a decision because of how the relationship has been from beginning and the trust.

Please advise

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Office foreplay with a hot girlI have wanted her for months, every day I see her sit at her desk and roll the end of her pen into her mouth. Every week, at some point during each day, I imagine having my way with her. On her desk, in my car, in the toilets, everywhere! My imagination runs freely and I quite like the escapism when she is sat close by. I often smile without noticing her amusement – if only she knew!

This particular day I am sat dreaming of her sitting on my desk with her legs apart. She has her brown boots on and a black skirt which I find adorable! With that in mind, the perfect image starts to play out in my head…

She sits with her hot ass on the edge of my desk and places one boot on the arm of the chair I am sitting on, allowing her skirt to rise and her panties to show. Nobody else is in the office; she wants me to see, she intends to make me lust after her!.

I could smell her sweet scent in this position.

Of course, I can tell she is wet, I can smell her, and believe me it’s one hell of a sweet scent! I sit on my chair performing the same trick as she had done; opening my legs, then I move down, lower on the chair so I could see more of her knickers. Continue reading

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