Office foreplay with a hot girl

Office foreplay with a hot girlI have wanted her for months, every day I see her sit at her desk and roll the end of her pen into her mouth. Every week, at some point during each day, I imagine having my way with her. On her desk, in my car, in the toilets, everywhere! My imagination runs freely and I quite like the escapism when she is sat close by. I often smile without noticing her amusement – if only she knew!

This particular day I am sat dreaming of her sitting on my desk with her legs apart. She has her brown boots on and a black skirt which I find adorable! With that in mind, the perfect image starts to play out in my head…

She sits with her hot ass on the edge of my desk and places one boot on the arm of the chair I am sitting on, allowing her skirt to rise and her panties to show. Nobody else is in the office; she wants me to see, she intends to make me lust after her!.

I could smell her sweet scent in this position.

Of course, I can tell she is wet, I can smell her, and believe me it’s one hell of a sweet scent! I sit on my chair performing the same trick as she had done; opening my legs, then I move down, lower on the chair so I could see more of her knickers. Continue reading

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